Provacy, the Compliance app.

Retrieve all the data from your current register and much more with Provacy! The app seamlessly integrates with your user directory for automatic login, syncing your organizational structure with systems through SOAP or REST APIs.

A mere web browser is all you need;
we take care of the rest. No technical hassles – we host your application in a dedicated and secure environment, provide training on the tool, and offer user guides directly accessible from the interface.

Our solution is designed to adapt to all situations. Whether you prefer leveraging a vast network of delegates or maintaining control and working with a select committee, providing the ability for third parties to interact seamlessly, or managing a community, university, association, SME, or a large multinational corporation and needing to maintain your register in Polish for one of your subsidiaries – our collaborative platform will meet your needs regardless of the context or approach.

We are attentive to your feedback to continuously enhance our application according to your needs. We welcome any specific development requests and invite you to join our user community to collaboratively shape the application that suits you best.

Maximum service quality combined with a competitive pricing strategy. Provacy is provided through an annual subscription at rates significantly lower than those offered by competitors. In short, you truly have no valid reason not to choose us ;)

We help. You comply.

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