Provacy is a secure and comprehensive personal data protection management solution, facilitating your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Brochure

Register and Compliance of Data Processing

  • Description, Analysis, and Risk Assessment, Documentation (GED) of Your Processing Activities
  • Visual Management Indicators
  • Intuitive Construction of a Comprehensive and Precise Data Category Table: Data Subjects, Recipients, Retention Periods, ...
  • Periodic Review of Processing: Schedule the examination and revalidation of all or part of the processing by business teams at a defined frequency, for example annually. Email notifications.
  • Deployments: For complex organizations, a single Processing Record feeds the Register for multiple subsidiaries.

Information Notices

  • Generate your information notices according to 7 official templates provided by the CNIL.
  • Or create your own templates.
  • Adapt, export, and integrate these notices into all your materials.

Security Measures

  • Standard Measures Library (CNIL) or Customizable
  • To be associated with processing activities, as well as software, third parties, entities, or units.
  • Easy Distinction Between Applied and Recommended Measures

Impact Analysis

  • Assistance in Diagnosing Processing
  • Summary of risk criteria to evaluate the completion of a DPIA.
  • Development 2024: Integration of the DPIA module.

Subcontractor Register

  • Description, Evaluation, Documentation (GED) of Your Processing Activities as a Processor

Rights of Data Subjects

  • Collect requests directly and process them as a team.
  • Reply in one click using predefined email templates.
  • Validation Workflow, Alert Emails, Statistics
  • Protected Attachments with Watermark
  • Anonymization of requests for archiving. Automatic archiving available.

Compliance Activities or Action Plans

  • Schedule individual or team tasks.
  • Link to processing cards, security breaches...
  • Document sharing, notification or reminder emails
  • Presentation as list or kanban, color indicators
  • Accountability feature: traceability of actions

Data Breaches

  • Documentation and assessment of data breaches

Template cards

  • Pre-filled and ready-to-use cards for easy adoption to accelerate the setup of your Register.


  • Create your documentation pages.
  • Share content, links, videos, documents.
  • Inform your teams and raise awareness about best practices.

Third Parties: Partners and Subcontractors

  • Audit your third parties by inviting them to complete a simple questionnaire.
  • Consolidate the data in Provacy.
  • Edit the standard contractual clauses (Development in progress).

The solution

  • Collaborative Work: Workflow Stages - drafting, validation, publication to the register - versioning and history - notification or follow-up emails.
  • Easy User Management: Self-registration option, SSO directory
  • Light Interface for Occasional Users
  • Dashboard and Dynamic Charts: Track compliance of your entities or units
  • Customization: Fields, forms, lists, workflows, emails, menus, permissions
  • API and Integration: Connect Provacy to your tools to integrate your organization, users, software, third parties, etc.

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  • Translation Engines: Translate your content with a single click and/or through automatic tasks
  • Available languages :
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