Provacy SAS : le making-of

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed."

Antoine Lavoisier

From the past with Cilex ...

Dear customers, after almost 20 years at your service, Mr. Frédéric Thu, founder of the Cabinet Cilex and, at the origin of the Provacy application, is going to experience new adventures and take on new challenges. We, his former collaborators and employees, thank him for these past years and all the good times experienced. And we wish him success and great success for all his new projects.

As Cilexians, we have supported and developed the RETIL applications (some still use it!) and its successor Provacy, your application. Since its inception in 2016 and its launch as early as 2017, a year before the GDPR came into effect. Until today. With great dedication and always with the goal of providing quality service to all our users.

... to the future with Provacy

Today, we are changing banners but the team remains the same. Thus Cilex becomes Provacy and we carry the torch that Frédéric passes on to us to bring the application to life among its users. It didn't take us long to come up with a company name as "Provacy" was so obvious.

Our application, our core business. We will concentrate all our efforts there. With all the quality requirement learned previously. And with a strong desire to get closer to you, our customers, to support you and simplify your daily task.