Provacy, the Compliance app.

A simple web browser is all you need; we take care of the rest. No technical hassle, we host your application in a partitioned and secure environment. The security of your data is enhanced by hourly backups and the implementation of backup servers for maximum protection (data hosted in France and Germany). With our guidance, you'll know exactly where you stand with your Compliance: dashboards for an overview, dynamic and interactive graphs, numerous visual indicators (risk levels, completeness...), tracking mechanisms, and alert emails. Benefit from numerous ready-to-use components for an intuitive and visual assembly of your data: model sheets, drag-and-drop, sliders, form editor.

Our solution is designed to adapt to all situations. Do you want to rely on a large network of contacts? Or rather maintain control and work in a small committee? Provide the possibility for third parties to interact easily? Are you working for a local authority, a university, an association, an SME, or a large multinational and need to maintain your Register in Polish for one of your subsidiaries? Whatever your context or approach, we carry out precise expertise for a tailor-made application.

With Provacy, you have a collaborative platform to engage your teams so that compliance becomes everyone's responsibility. Our open solution transcends the usual limits of user accounts (self-registration option) and provides you with contact interfaces to freely collect data from anyone with an email address. These data exchange capabilities are automatable, with the application integrating and participating in your Information System: SOAP and REST API interfaces, SSO (Single Sign-On) connections.

You're not alone when it comes to the Regulation; our responsive, caring, and supportive team accompanies you every day. To start off on the right foot and increase efficiency, ideally at the project launch, we provide training for your teams. Contextual assistance is freely available from the interface. We are listening to your feedback to continuously improve our application according to your needs. Open to any request for specific development, we invite you to join the user club to build together the application that suits you best.

Top-notch quality combined with a policy of affordability. Provacy is provided on an annual subscription basis at prices significantly lower than those practiced by the competition. After considering all these arguments, you're convinced and have only one dream: to join us! BUT you already have a tool or you simply work with Excel, no worries, you won't start from scratch! We import all your data into your new Provacy Register. You objectively have every reason to choose us 😉

We help. You comply.

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