Version 5.1.0

Spring is already here, bringing in a fresh season and a new update! We've revamped security breach notifications, polished up security measures, and added some flair with sleek user profile landing pages. There's a subtle reorganization of the list toolbar, convenient new menus for swift data access, and a bunch of other little tweaks to make the app smoother and more enjoyable.

And at the heart of this new version, there's a small revolution that rethinks how Provacy is used. A contact interface designed for easy communication with the outside world. An email address is all you need for:

Submit a request for rights (access, rectification, erasure, etc.).

Easily respond to article 12 of the GDPR: requests are submitted on Tchatch then processed in Provacy.

Report processing or data breaches to be investigated by the DPO team.

Without a user account or password, this solution allows businesses to punctually report their Processing - or Data Breaches - by simply completing a questionnaire.

Check the compliance of your subcontractors by inviting them to respond to a questionnaire.

Retrieve the information enabling you to comply with Article 28 of the GDPR and collect the guarantee information put in place by your subcontractors.

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Enhancement of the Data Breaches Form

In response to several requests, the form has been enriched to align with the data protection authority's reporting requirements.

Two new fields on the Tab : Origin and Cause of the Incident. The Type field now offers 3 new responses with dependent fields: Integrity Loss, Confidentiality Loss, Availability Loss.

7 new fields on the Tab: Nature of Data, Other Data, Sensitive Data, Affected Individuals, Other Affected Individuals, Approximate Number of Affected Individuals, Impacts for Individuals.

 Security Measures, two modifications:

  • The recommendation of measures is activated on all instances.
  • The color of the measures in the catalog lightens when they are selected.

A simpler and more practical homepage for delegates and a streamlined interface.

Business delegates can create new records from the homepage. By default, all delegates will see this new page. Alternatively, you can choose to keep the dashboard as the homepage for delegates. Request your setup from Support.

Reorganization of the command ribbon on lists.

Main menus on black background and shortcuts on the Administration menu

Shortcuts for Entities, Units, Users, Third Parties, and Software & Tools.

Thank you for your valuable contributions, and keep pushing us forward with all your great ideas!